The disease might hide the person underneath, but there's still a person in there who needs your love and attention.” - Jamie Calandriello

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Still Just You

by The Hoys, Harris, Pleasure & Russell

Please visit to make a gratefully received donation. 100% of all gifts are for Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity. We believe that medical research can and will deliver life-changing preventions, treatments and one day, a cure for dementia. Alzheimer’s

Please visit to make a gratefully received donation. 100% of all gifts are for Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity. We believe that medical research can and will deliver life-changing preventions, treatments and one day, a cure for dementia. Alzheimer’s Research UK exists to make this happen and with your support, we’ll make life-changing breakthroughs possible. Thank you for your generosity.

In the time it takes to listen to this song, another person in the UK is diagnosed with dementia. Let's cure this, together.

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Meet the Musicians

Rob Harris

Jamiroquai, Katy Perry, Will Young, Paloma Faith, Robbie Williams...

Rob spends his time performing in huge stadiums across the globe. He's Jamiroquai's guitarist and co-writer, helping to create the breakthrough "A Funk Odyssey" album and everything since.

Rob's acoustic rhythms layered with innovative electric guitars energise our song and make it pop.

Head over to Rob's website and YouTube Channel where you can learn more about what makes him one of the most in-demand session guitarists in the world.

Mo Pleasure

Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Ray Charles, George Duke, Natalie Cole, Joss Stone...

Mo's an exceptional multi-instrumentalist - Ray Charles and the Jacksons both chose Mo to play in their bands. Today he plays for many soul, jazz and pop artists across the globe. 

In this picture, he's duelling with Verdine White, taken when Mo was the musical director for "Earth, Wind & Fire".  

Mo creates soulful grooves bringing his amazing talent to our band.  

Mo's working on his next album and a range of creative musical projects. 

Lee Russell

Kate Walsh, Paul Carrack, Melanie Blatt, Cheryl Cole,Nada Surf...

Lee's an outstanding musician, mix engineer and producer with a special set of ears.

He knows the physics behind every sound in every frequency, and so knows how to get the very best from every instrument without compromise..

Lee's magical touches bring extra warmth, exciting dynamics and a sparkle to every single moment in a song.

Check out Lee's Dulcitone Studios on the link below and let him astound you too.

Stephen Hoy

Writer, Producer, Backing Vocals, Keys, Strings

Growing up as part of a musical family, I soon wanted to learn to play as many instruments as possible and work out how to write hit songs. I started with the French horn and quickly moved on, to the piano, guitar, bass, drums, didgeridoo and vocals. I've had so much fun along the way... 

Thanks to The Songwriting Academy, I'm now working with incredibly talented musicians.

Crafting this song for my Mum has enabled me to pull on a lifetime of learning. I'll never forget the sparkle in her eyes when I played it to her for the first time. I don't know how much she understands, but I know it touches her heart. 

I hope it inspires you to find your own special way to connect with your loved ones. 

If you'd like to work with me and the team for some composing, arranging, performance or production, then please click on the link below and head over to SpacedCadet Productions to get in touch! 

Ben Hoy

Lead Vocals

Ben's the youngest but probably the most important member of the band.

Despite being only 15 when he recorded the lead vocals, his talent shines through. 

Ben has always been close to his Nanna, and felt compelled to sing these lyrics to share his part in her journey with dementia. 

Whilst new to studio recording, you'd never know it. He was always ready prepped (well maybe not for the early morning sessions.... zzzzz...) but for the afternoons and evenings he was on fire!

He gave it his all to create the song we have today and it's been so much fun making this record with him. 

Ben is now a professional goalkeeper so go cheer him on at Cheltenham Town FC!

It was an honour to be asked by Steve to contribute to “Still Just You “ in aid of charities contributing to the cure and support of Alzheimer's. The lyric conveys a message very close to me and my family as my own mother was diagnosed with dementia around 4 years ago. Now just 77 years old , mum was recently moved into a care home due to her condition worsening. I hope this song may contain a message to just help someone get through when times are tough , or even raise awareness of what someone caring for a loved one with dementia may be going through. A huge thank you to Steve for asking me to be involved. ” - Rob Harris
I’m so happy to be a part of this charity single “Still Just You” for dementia because I have seen what it does to people directly through my experiences with my family. My mother is currently living with her dementia at nearly 89 years old but I see how it frustrates her and I know how it affects all of us who love her. Being a part of the creation feels so good to me because the song represents real life experience and I’m overjoyed to be giving the slightest little bit to a very important cause.” - Mo Pleasure
As soon as I heard what Steve had created, I wanted to help however I could to mix and master this genuine story of living with Dementia. I love how the whole project reflects real feelings and real emotions, and so I felt I had to give it the attention it deserves to be the very best it can be. Thank you Steve for trusting your song in my hands.” - Lee Russell

Our Story

During the last decade that Mum lived with Alzheimers, I realised that whatever changes were happening and however upsetting they may be, she was still just our Mum and much loved Nanna.  

Always quick to jump on her feet and show us how to dance and hum along to her favourite songs with her new friends in Field Lodge Care Home, the way we talked together was not as it used to be butt we learned to read how she was feeling.

It was up to me to see past the physical and mental changes and communicate with her in a way that she understood and could appreciate.  Deep inside it was always still her, maybe hidden by a moment of confusion or anger, but  with patience, careful listening and a little bit of second guessing we could turn communication challenges into smiles, laughter and even impromptu hugs.

The greatest reward would often happen when I'd been sharing what her grandchildren had been up to with pictures and videos. Our special connection would put her at such an ease she would suddenly and surprisingly speak a perfectly formed sentence, calmly spoken with relaxed confidence and a smile. Just like it used to be. 

And I'd say “’s still just you!”. 


I started thinking seriously of creating a song about my experience of dementia in 2019. I remember sitting in a small hilltop village in Southern Spain on a songwriting retreat, feeling a powerful urge to share my own experiences of Mum’s journey with Alzheimer's. 

It was a challenge to find the balance of both a positive uplifting chorus, and a storytelling verse of honesty reflecting on Mum and her family living with this condition during the difficult phase of moving from forgetful to unable to take care of herself.

After many weeks of lyrical, melodic and musical development sitting at a piano with a pen and paper, I was super pleased to find what I was looking for and create the unplugged piano and vocal version of "Still Just You".

I hope this song will inspire families to help them realise they’re not alone, and that their loved ones are still just them. Sometimes hiding, but always accessible with enough love and patience and the knowledge they can hear you, and they'll love you for listening to what's on their mind.

Let me know if you'd like to hear an unplugged acoustic version of the song in the "Your Thoughts" section below, and I'll make it happen.

Your Thoughts

A Special Thank You

Field Lodge Care Home

Creating smiles and laughter

Linda, Donna and the amazing caring team have created an incredible sense of warmth and compassion for every one of their residents, and quickly won Mum's trust that they could give her a happy  and enjoyable last few years.

Whether it's a special birthday cake and celebrations for the centurions, a moment of dancing or singing on way to the hairdresser or just a hug and a smile for those missing their loved ones, they literally couldn't try harder to keep their residents active.

Sam puts everything he has into keeping everyone entertained every day and was always ready to take another one of Mum's unplanned hugs in the corridors in return for a smile and a cheeky wink.  

Thank you everyone for giving Mum the best last years she could have hoped for. You're amazing, and Mum will really miss you all....X